Mental Health Quotes Roundup

So, it was World Mental Health day yesterday (10th October 2017) and I thought it was high time that people started treating mental illness as a real problem. Treat it as importantly as they treat all the other ‘health issues’ because mental health is just as important.

Honestly, there’s nothing much that I can personally say on it because it’s a super sensitive topic to talk about. There’d be people with actual mental illness reading this post and I don’t want to hurt anyone of them at all. But, there is one thing I would like to say, that is all that you are feeling; all that you are FIGHTING through – it’s going to be over one day. Sooner or later, but there is going to be an end to it. Just hold on, darling!

In addition, here are some quotes I gathered from the Pinterest to motivate and raise some hope in everyone who is suffering through this horrible illness. You are not alone.























Please do share it with as many people as possible. Let’s work together to make this illness a little bearable for those suffering.

Until next time,

Reet Lonari


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