Make The Most Of 2017

2 months until 2018?! Well, time DOES fly! One minute you’re sitting by the window, sipping your tea and BAM – there it is 2 0 1 8.

I really don’t want to sound cliché but I really don’t have an idea about how this year has gone by so quick! I distinctly remember getting ready for my New Year’s Eve and how excited I was about 2017 and now here I am in shock about 2017 coming to an end.

I had mentally listed down so many resolutions for this year and do you want to know how many of them I actually have ticked off? ZERO. NONE! Thinking back I realise I have done absolutely nothing hugely productive but I sure have made some AMAZING memories I’d love to reminisce over in a few year’s time.

But, being productive is important too, you guys. And, I don’t want to bid farewell to this year without actually accomplishing something at least. I bet some of you are going through the exact same thing I am helping you make the most of the last two months of 2017!

  1. Make a Bucket List!

Yes, make a bucket list of ALL the things you’d want to do before you die. Whatever it is – jot it down and stick to it. Swimming with the dolphins? Add it! Sleeping under the stars! Go do it! Become a morning person? Well, at least give it a try!

2. Now, make a 2017 Bucket List!

Considering you’ve made your main  bucket list, it’s time to make one for 2017. List down all the things you’d want to do before welcoming 2018.

3. Make sure you tick off all the boxes!

It’s one thing making a bucket list and it’s another actually sticking to it. There’s no point of making one with really unrealistic things to do. Like, travel through Europe before 2018. Oh boy. You possibly can’t save up enough money to travel through Europe in 2 months. So make sure to jot down feasible tasks and then DO IT!

4. Make a plan!

All the aforementioned points were completely leisure. Now it’s time to accomplish some actual goals like in the work or study department. Set your goals and make a plan of how you’re going to achieve them. Ta-da, you’ll be out of this year with a totally new super productive you!

That’s basically it! With just two months in your hand, you can still make 2017 the year to remember. So get off your seat, put your phone/laptop away but first share my post and go cease the day, my friend! (I’ve always wanted to say that)

Until next time,

Reet Lonari



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